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Secrets to Building a High Converting Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are used by savvy companies worldwide to attract potential customers who are looking for the right business that fits their needs and are willing to pay for higher offers.

The process by which you as an entrepreneur can attract customers and get them to interact with your business by taking them through a journey where they end up buying a high-priced product or service is the concept behind a sales funnel.

Every business, be it online or offline and regardless of its niche requires a sales funnel. With a proper funnel in place, you can attract ideal customers. Your prospects and their sales journey begin the moment they come in contact with your business and its offers via Ads, Email, Search results, or on your social media platform(s).

In this case, two things will happen depending on how you’ve set up the entire funnelling processes – One, they might scroll past your offer and exit quickly or ascend to the top of your value ladder and beyond the initial opt-in phase.

4 Stages of Funnel Building

A stronger sales funnel links every necessary element that will help you walk a new visitor to your site through these processes and turn them to not just a customer but a regular and loyal buyer. There are 4-stages of any sales funnel:

4 Stages of a Sales Funnel

  1. Awareness – People know your brand and the value your services or products can bring to their lives via marketing strategies like blogging, Google ads, social media advertising, podcasts, email marketing, etc.
  2. Evaluation stage – Customers are looking for solutions that your business offers
  3. Conversion stage – Customers are deciding whether to do business with you or not
  4. Decision and purchase stage – Customers are more likely to interact with your brand and depending on your funnel set up; they will buy your offerings even become loyal, repeat customers.

There are innovative tools that a business can leverage to create a high converting sales funnel consequently, attract and retain prospects, boost conversion rates, and automatically follow-up leads.

Here’s What You Need to Construct a Sales Funnel that converts:

  • Have a well-built and professional-looking landing page which will encourage visitors to sign up, subscribe or follow a “Call To Action.”
  • Present front-end products and associated offers to motivate customers and give them the desire to buy a product or procure your service
  • Have an upsell strategy that will deliver more benefit to the customer for any service upgrade they make in the upsell step
  • Offer “cheaper” options for existing customers who are unable to buy from you due to budget constraints to keep them as potential customers
  • Follow up and stay in contact with new customers by offering them incentives like a membership-based rewards program.
  • Using conversion optimization tools such as Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, CrazyEgg,  can save you time and money because they not only are great at enhancing your marketing efforts, but they will also do an excellent job at testing your landing page impact in reeling in expected conversion rates.

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